Negative Effects Of High School Sports

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Module 5 Assignment
The most positive effect of high school sports is its effect on the athletes ' school performances. Many high school athletes put their time and effort in sports, they have higher grade point average, better attendance records, and also lower dropout rates than the overall student body. It can be due to the effect of hard work that the sport has put into these high school athletes, and the positive impact from coaches. Another positive effect of high school student sports is its influence on character development. The young high school athlete is likely to create strong work ethics, healthy attitudes towards fitness, and great moral behavior. The truth is that most sports teach these lessons to children and, therefore,
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Student athletes tend to form groups, which often don 't include non-athletes. It can hurt the self-confidence of non-athlete students and even delay their social development. Another negative effect would be the tendency to binge drink. Studies have shown that athletes are more likely to binge drinking than non-athletes. It could be tied to trying to keep a good reputation and then become a bad habit later and can lead to several other negative effects.

No, a payment of $100 for every athlete to play high school football is not right. Even though the budget for sports is cut due to the economic recession, but it still not right for students to pay for their chance to play sports. It is not right to students of lower income families, and could cause many students to be forced to give up. They should have athletic programs raise money for their football programs. It could be huge success for many high school football
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The strongest reason businesses such as bars and restaurants covering all the arena are because of the big crowd of people who show up for game nights. The weakest reason is the creation of jobs. Even though the arena will need the number of people to work but it won 't be worth it because of the pay being low and it will not have that much effect on the local

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