Negative Effects Of GMO Labels

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Although there are given benefits of using GMOs in crop production, such as longer lasting produce, easier farming practices, and more appealing crops there are also harmful effects through the consumption of these products. The negative effects we see are the ways in which GMOs can impact the health of an individual, which is evident here. This is why it is important to establish the requirement of GMO label on all food, so that we can start moving towards the right direction and hopefully get people to realize that GMOs are not necessarily good for you. To put this into perspective, these labels would force the customer to become aware of what they are eating, rather than ignoring it and eating it regardless of the fact. We believe that this will create a big enough shock value to many and hopefully change the way …show more content…
Right now this seems bad for the companies distributing, but as a nation we produce food at a very high rate. Although profit wouldn’t be the same with less food being produced it is what we need to do in order to get back to organic farming strategies. We hope to establish this change through the use of GMO labels solely, because we believe it will have the greatest impact on both the GMO distributors, and the customers of all grocery stores in the area. Reasons for this is because GMOs have a negative stigma to most who are both educated and not educated on the topic. This will probably lead to people becoming pickier about the food they buy until food-distributing companies make changes to the ways their food is being grown. Because Bethesda is such a wealthy region, the people of this town can afford to be picker when to come to the food they buy. If we compare giant to whole foods, the prices are in no way similar, and so this is why people with higher incomes would be beneficial to this

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