Negative Effects Of Face To Face Communication

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It is the twenty-first century and technology has vastly expanded the way we all communicate with each other on a daily basis, within our social and business lives. Communication methods are often through; emails, social media, faxes, Skype and text messaging. Therefore, it is not surprising there are many views whether technology is helping or affecting the way we communicate. This essay will consider the positives and negatives of technology replacing face to face communication.
Firstly, we will look at the positives and negatives within our social lives. Looking around today you see people using technology daily, they will have; laptops, smart phones and tablets all of which are easily accessible while mobile. According to the Office
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It is often said that the use of technology is having a negative effect on our social lives. The reasons given for this are that we spend too much time online, and not enough time actually speaking to one another face to face; which is affecting our relationships. ITV’s Tonight programme: Is Technology taking over our lives? Raised awareness of the fact reliance on technology, could be having a negative effect. Professor Greenfield described it as ‘electronic cocaine’, it seems we can become too obsessed with the need to log into our online accounts and forget about the outside world (ITV Tonight, …show more content…
These advances in technology are reported to be positive, as they are more convenient for consumers; allowing them to shop when they want, in a more convenient and quick way. However, not everyone agrees with this and believes these methods have negative impacts on face-to-face communication. While shopping online and using self-service checkout, human interaction is fading. Even though the conversations are often brief and about the weather; holidays, dinner and other general topics, it is often these conversations that can make a person’s day. Some people enjoy these small conversations, they feel using technology in this way is having a negative effect on society and our ability to engage with each other on a face to face basis (The Telegraph,

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