Negative Effects Of Electronic Gaming

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Summary: In Andrew K. Przybylski’s article about electronic gaming, he discusses the positive and negative effects of gaming. He even discusses how the amount of time a child spends playing video games affects their developmental skills. This includes their social skills, behavioral skills and overall health. The purpose of this study was to prove that extended use of electronic gaming can negatively affect an adolescent 's health. Przybylski uses a study that surveys approximately five thousand children ages from ten to fifteen. The survey asks the children to select one answer from six different responses. These responses ask how many hours they spend playing console and computer-based games in a school day. The results of the study were …show more content…
So I can only imagine that the numbers will increase as technology and "electronic gaming becomes more dominate." (Przybylski,e717) Based on the study, spending more time playing electronic games increased the negative effects in adolescents. And with new technology coming out every year the problem will only get worse. There is a possibility that the amount of time children spend on electronic gaming could decrease. However, the chances are very minimal. In the future we need to consider that video games are not the only problem. Social media and electronic communication are causing problems as well.However, I do understand why children spend so much time playing video games. They get to have just as much fun playing inside than outside without even having to get off the couch. They don 't have to worry about it getting too dark outside to play or if the weather was comfortable enough to play outside. I think the main reason why adolescents enjoy video games so much is because they are able to be whoever they choose to be. They can be the super hero that saves the day or the evil villain that takes over the world. They are truly able to transform their imagination into reality on a screen. I think that the more we study how technology affects us psychologically, we will start using it properly . And we will start using technology in consideration instead of abusing

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