Negative Effects Of Drifting Individuals

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Drifting Individuals

For many years, Scientist of technology believe that phones, computers, tablets etc, have been making a huge impact on humans lives in today 's society. Today as technology advances people have been continuing to buy all these new and “improved” phones or computers. But do you really need these new phones and computers to help you through daily life? No, People use technology to take up their time. Instead of taking a walk, going out with friends, etc., one can go online and be amused in a similar way.With technology, one doesn 't need to need to worry about missing current events. People don 't need to watch the news, if it 's big enough to be known about it will appear all over the internet. If family members or
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In Michael Price’s “Alone in the Crowd” he states, “ But they’re also more lonely and distant from one another in their unplugged lives, This is not only changing the way we interact online, it’s straining our personal relationships, as well.” It serves to replace actually face to face relationships. We have our social needs met by joining various networking forums such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc where we communicate, and we become intimately involved with tv characters who we feel we know personally as we watch them week after week. If all of these virtual goings on were removed, we would see a huge drop in our 'experiences ' of people out there in the world. We don 't think we 're isolated because we 're so addicted to our phones, and looking at people 's social media pages. Also, much of what is on tv and the internet represents little of what regular life entails and is often staged to create drama and excitement. Price says “We text during dinner with our families. We text as we drive. We text when we are with our children in the playground. Children say they try to make eye contact with their parents and are frustrated because their parents are looking down at their smartphones when they come out of school or after school activities. Young men talk about how only a few years ago, their dads used to watch Sunday sports with them and during the station breaks or between plays, they used to …show more content…
It allows us to do everything from our homes causing us to no longer need to go to the bank to deposit checks, go to the store to shop for gifts or food, because you can have them delivered straight to our front door. All these uses allow us to isolate ourselves from the world becoming more and more dependent on the changing technology. This isolation of using technology has also caused the communication skills of humans to be difficult in some aspects. The comic “Zits” by Jerry Scott and Jim Boardman shows that cell phones can solve arguments without physically talking to one another. Which is usually not the best way to sorit things out, even just a phone call would be better than texting. Each Other back and

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