Negative Effects Of Cellphones

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Technology is starting to rule over the world, especially with cellphones. Nowadays technology is so advanced that it’s taking away what truly matters in life. Although technology is very important to our society, it can hurt various aspects of our lives. People are so wrapped up and addicted to all the new cellular technology that they forget about their responsibilities. Technology has influenced various aspects of life, especially with the interaction we have with each other. Although technology makes the world faster, it causes issues within relationships and families. Technology is everywhere and anywhere, from phones to computers to television, etc. With all these cellular devices, it leads me to talk about how cellphones causes lack …show more content…
Not only can they be timing consuming but they can become very addicting. According to an article in Watch Out: Cell Phones Can Be Addictive, ”To much phone use can interfere with normal activities or cause conflicts with family and other people” (Kowalski). People are so wrapped up and addicted to apps that they forget about their responsibilities. Kids are the ones who are most affected by the time consumption. Parents have trouble getting their kids to do their chores or to even do their homework because the kids are so involved in playing app games. Adults, however, are just as guilty as the kids are. There have been several situations where parents don’t pay attention to their kids or their surroundings because they are too involved on the drama going on Twitter or Facebook. Not only that, but there are people who can’t even put their phone down while driving. According to an article Hammering Safe Driving into the Next Generations, “Assuming you don’t hit someone in the process of drive off the road, you will find all types of distracted driving is to blame whether it is hands-free cell phones, reading old school maps or fiddling with a dash board screen displayin streets, texting, eating, putting make-up, or doing whole laundry list of things that would have required the strength of Hulk Hogan to pull off back in the days of when pickup trucks cost less than cars and pooping the hood let you see daylight below” (Wyatt). Some people would have a panic or anxiety attack simply because they lost their phone or the battery died. It’s

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