Negative Effects Of Cell Phones In School

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There has always been a problem with cell phones, yet it seems to be getting worse as years pass and technology advances. There has, and will always be technological advances in the world, it is how society deals with said advances where problems occur. Cellular devices have become more and more common throughout the years and as things become more common, more problems arise. Keeping up with technology is not easy, especially when the benefits and drawback are not clearly shown, yet it is necessary. Cell phones will always keep evolving and society will have to keep placing new rules into schools to keep students in line, what is clear though: Cell phones have become a permanent part of society (Shaw, 2005). Cell phones are becoming a problem …show more content…
Having cell phones in school can help with in class activities such as online polling, class home pages, Remind101, Plicker, and many more. Teachers can post on class websites or even just text students through examples stated above. Ramsey Musallam, an A.P. Chemistry teacher at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory in San Francisco, these are just some of his views on cell phones: “You’re carrying around something that I can contact you with… It’s a fun way of staying motivated in our days, which can be pretty dry sometimes… I want to be as rich and as visual as possible. I want them to see thing, not just know them… I’m here to serve my students. If we can leverage cell phones in a way that is meaningful, I’m going to do it” (Barseghian, 2012). Another teacher, who teaches History at Kipp San Francisco Bay Academy to seventh-graders, James Sanders, also believes cell phones to be a tool used in a modern day shop class (Barseghian, 2012). He means to say that cell phones make learning easier as tools make it easier to …show more content…
The cell phone problem has caused many chain reaction events, like affecting students behavior, their grammar, their learning styles and techniques. Not all the effects cell phones have are bad, there are many good reasons to let cell phones be used in and out of schools. Students need to be taught what is appropriate and not appropriate to do during school and how they can use their cellular devices to help them further their education and be successful in life. With the knowledge of this students will better understand and focus in school. It is clear that cell phones are permanent part of society and are going to be around for a long time, society needs to learn this and evolve to fit the new technology into everyday life (Shaw, 2005). The future is now, society needs to recognize

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