Negative Effect Of Advertising On Advertisers Essay

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Negative Effect of Advertising on Advertisers:

“You can act unethically without breaking any laws, but the community may impose its own informal sanctions for such violations” (O’Sullivan, 2010). This situation can occur against advertisements as well. It’s a known fact that a deceptive advertising leads customers to become more defensive about further advertising claims (Gardner, 1975). Deception protection is really important for someone’s self-efficacy; it makes them handle the problems that they face during their social lives (Boush et al., 2009). As a result of it consumers who feel that the advertisements are making misleading claims start to hold a negative attitude against advertisements and become less susceptible (Boush et al., 2011; Ashworth et al., 2010).
Consumers often fall for the false claims made by the advertisers. However it doesn’t take long for them to recognize that claims made were false. As they start using the product that was advertised and realize that its specifications don’t meet their expectations, consumers start to lose their faith in the company who produced the product and advertisements made by them (Darke et al., 2007).
This is really critical for advertisers. People who watch the advertisements believe that advertisements are providing real, factual, claims about the world. However the use of ambiguous and misleading jargon (Boush et al., 2011), and the aggressive marketing techniques used by some of the companies (Klein 2000), is…

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