Beauty Advertising In America

Barbara Tuchman argues that advertising in America is flooding our minds with pictures of perfection and goals of happiness that are seemingly easy to attain. Advertising is in the air Americans breathe and for those who feed on little else, advertisements leave a certain fuzziness of perception. As we absorb the unattainable images of perfection and happiness, it leaves us with a false impression and misleading picture of reality. The consequences of advertising in American can be damaging to ones personal, mental, and emotional self. Both males and females are affected by advertising in America but females more so encounter discontent with their physical appearances. Beauty advertisements use models as images of perfection. They present the idea that their brands specific product will give consumers the perfected look of beauty. The models used in beauty ads are not images of the everyday …show more content…
With other financial obligations ahead, it is important for young adults to weigh all their options before looking to lease or purchase a vehicle. The cost of car payments may vary based on income, credit and down payment. Car insurance on the other hand varies specifically depending on the age of the driver. Insurance companies charge higher rates on policies covering young drivers because they are said to be more dangerous behind the wheel. The average annual cost to insure young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 ranges from $2,374 for a 25 year old and $6,456 for an 18 year old. As a young adult you may be putting yourself in a financially vulnerable position deciding to purchase a new car and not being aware of the financial burden that follows. It is not a car company’s job to sugar coat outside financial cost. The car company’s job is to present this new, hip, and stylish vehicle as a false image of happiness while turning a blind eye to the unfavorable

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