Essay on Negative Attitudes And Stereotypes Of Women

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Negative attitudes and stereotypes are a part of society; they become bigger issues when these thoughts and beliefs turn into actions, such as discrimination and aggression. Over the last decade strides have been made to change societal ideals and norms but research shows discrimination among particular groups remains high. The results of a study done by The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force shows that members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community experience high rates of discrimination and violence (Grant et al., 2011). Theories on the formation of attitudes and stereotypes include Social Learning, Social Cognition, Implicit Association. Resent studies have started to examine the effects media can have on attitudes and stereotypes. In the current research the role that reality television plays in negative attitudes and stereotypes is investigated. Researchers hypothesize the portrayal of women in particular reality televisions shows will further negative attitudes that women have of other women. Second, certain reality television shows will cause a positive change in bias and stereotypes of transgender women. The following literature reviews will show support for the hypotheses. Cato conducted a study on stereotypes and gender roles in reality television. Cato Interviewed young women about their perception of the show and views about the contestants. Cato found the contestants fell into stereotypical roles and despite the intended purpose…

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