International Student Attitude Analysis

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negative attitude, which is another pretty serious problem. So that a good vocabulary accumulation is that important to an international student that may potentially make his/her academic adjusting become smother.
For the fourth challenge, other than language problems, it is about changing the attitude to adjust American school system. Knowing that Chinese school words in a very different way, same as teacher’s expectation of what is a good student. What teacher and the educational system value and what do colleges expect? In fact, most of these between two cultures are very different. In order to blend in the society of American school and take advantage of all the reachable sources that may be helpful, international student need to have some
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Also, to think critically instead of just believe in what everybody else say. The idea of critical and individual thinking could be a challenge for first-year international students at first too. To be able to achieve this, they need to break the common thinking way of obeying authority. In stead of that, we will need clear mind to process our own thinking result, to have the confidence to speak for our own thoughts rather being easily changed by other people. The position of follower seems to be easier and more comfortable than a leader who totally gets involved, however that is not beneficial for international students’ personal improvement. And having a clear understand of American education system can also help international student about their dream colleges. In order to have a clear plan of one’s academic life, the student will need to understand about how does school work. For example, SAT could be a challenge to many international students. If we get to know about it sooner, we could take advantages of our time to do well on that, to overcome this challenge. This is a challenge because at first when new international student come, they did not know the whole curriculum structure in their …show more content…
Other than that it is as much as important to have a clear understanding of school and their surrounding society, also to always have a positive and motivated mind to face the problems and hardship. Indeed, these things are challenging but also fascinating. And it is so important to know about these challenges and to solve them. Being through of all these challenges, first-year international students will be very different and grown. From learning skills to personality, from communication to skills to manage their life, they will find a better self from this well-rounded personal

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