Nefarious: Merchant Of Souls: Documentary Analysis

Nefarious: Merchant of Souls discovered human trafficking around the world where women were involuntary in. It showed women after a certain amount of time did not know their worth, did not have any value in themselves and did not know their identity in Christ. The film crew traveled to different countries documenting numerous of trafficking, prostitution, and corruption. In certain countries human trafficking is a common thing and numerous of girls and women are sold into sex slavery. In the film, it showed a range of social problems that included women being abused or prostitution. It was a social norm to see child prostitution in certain countries where families sold their own child into. This film brought awareness of the issues that were going on effecting the victims. This documentary was a hard video to watch because it caused me to ask why certain countries would allow trafficking, prostitution, and corruption. I am so …show more content…
It is crazy to think, people are buying these girls and women from these countries and are getting away with it. The documentary team went to several different countries to talk to numerous victims that experienced sex slavery.
The Moldova was the first place they stopped, it is the root of human trafficking. The percentage of the population is high. It is amazing how many girls and women have been trafficked into this country. Moldova is located in Eastern Europe, which is known for transporting women and selling them in the sex industry and prostitution.
The place they traveled next was Amsterdam, Netherlands. In the Netherlands is the country known for legal prostitution and most of the girls are taking from the Eastern Europe. Amsterdam was the most interesting to me because of how acceptable it is for prostitution and how they advertise these women in certain

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