Needs Assessment for Worksite Health Promotion Program Essay

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FNH 8613 Design & Administration of Health Promotion Programs

Mississippi State University
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Department of Food Science, Nutrition, and Health Promotion

Needs Assessment Guidelines A. Identification of the Setting – Identify the setting in which your program will take place. Be specific in describing the setting by including as much information as possible.

a. Name of the community, school, etc Mississippi Care Center of Alcorn Co

b. Subpopulations of interest____Employees at the facility______________

c. Identify three primary health outcomes of interest. These are based on your perceptions of the conditions affecting your population. As your needs assessment
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Goal of this assessment: The goal of this assessment is to identify and prioritize the health needs and wants of the employees of Mississippi Care Center of Alcorn Co.

f. Briefly describe the results of any previous needs assessments that were performed on this population. Describe how you were able to access the results of this assessment. If no assessment has been completed, describe your methods for determining this.

No needs assessment has been conducted among MSCC of Alcorn Co employees. I spoke with Mrs. Teri Reynolds, administrator for the past 7 years, who stated that she was not aware of any needs assessments that had been conducted since she had been there. I also spoke with Mrs. Debra Goodloe, who has been an employee of MSCC of Alcorn Co for the past 25 years, and she too stated that she was not aware of a needs assessment that had been conducted at MSCC of Alcorn Co. She also stated that she was unaware of any nutrition classes that have been offered to the staff. According to Lacey Taylor, LPN, who has been employed at MSCC of Alcorn Co for the past 4 years, she was also unaware of any needs assessments, surveys filled out by employees, or weight loss classes having been offered to staff. I was able to speak with Angie Browder, Human Resources Employee, who also stated she was not aware of a needs assessment that has been completed. I spoke with Joy Trout, QI RN at MSCC, who stated that they check staff BP, heart rate, and

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