Need For Proper Resources For Post Placement Youths Essay

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The Need for Proper Resources for Post-Placement Youths All over the world, individuals and families are faced with the harsh and often sad reality that not all parents are able to care for their children. Although this reality is hard to face, the foster care system is in place to provide help and support during this time. Foster care helps children in situations where they cannot be cared for by their biological parents. Numerous reasons can lead to a child being placed in the system; however, no matter the reason, each situation displays the need for an alternative care system. Now that the foster care system is in place to provide immediate help to struggling families, the need for resources and support upon exiting the foster care system has been made clear, as these post-placement youths face many barriers and hardships. When an individual ages out of the foster care system, they should be provided with various forms of support, such as job counseling and a therapist, in order to ensure success on their own. Foster care provides a safe and supportive environment for children whose birth parents cannot raise them, as well as physical care and access to both medical and educational services. However, this is not intended to be a permanent situation. In fact, there are many types of placements that are available to children placed in foster care. These placements can “be short, medium, or long term and can be provided by social services, independent fostering agencies,…

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