Need For A Complete Paradigm Shift Essay

1236 Words Nov 7th, 2016 5 Pages
In most of the civilized world, we have become accustomed to the assumed right that we all possess; to have as many children as we please. But the effect of this happening generation after generation has put the world in a crisis. The question at hand is, how many people can the earth support? Some things to consider when looking at this question are quality of life of the people, economic conditions, and the effect of the earth as a whole. This paper will demonstrate the need for a complete paradigm shift in the way we as a species think about reproduction or we will continue to face issues such as environmental destruction, unsustainable economies, and conflicts over limited resources.
The first reason to consider that humanity needs to rethink the right to have children freely is the destruction of our environment. This destruction is directly related to overpopulation and is only exacerbated as the population increases. One of the most noticeable effects on our environment is shown in the worlds rainforests. The rainforests are home to approximately ten million species and provide much of the earths oxygen supply. They also play a major role in absorbing excess carbon dioxide in our atmosphere which reduces the impact of global warming. Unfortunately, as the the global population increases, more and more of the rainforests are being destroyed. The two major reasons that they are being destroyed is for its resources, and to make room for new areas to be…

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