Neanderthal Disappearance Essay

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Neanderthal Disappearance: The Unknown Fate of the H.[sapien]neanderthalensis Lineage Roughly 200 thousand years ago, there was split in the hominin lineage. From the Homo erectus species, the H.[sapien]neanderthalensis evolved. This species roamed throughout Europe, the Middle East and central Asia during the last glacial period (Crane-Kramer and Harrison 2011:144). The mystery surrounding the disappearance of the Neanderthals continues to puzzle anthropologist and leaves many questions unanswered.
The debate surrounding the disappearance of the Neanderthal lineage can be summarized into two main theories: Multiregional Continuity Model and the Out-of-Africa Model (Crane-Kramer and Harrison 2011). With two varying viewpoints, these theories have been studied extensively and continue to be debated within the anthropology community. This paper will look at the debate surrounding
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(2011:12) explains “the arrival of species evolving in a same ecological niche might have led to strong competition and perhaps contributed to the demise of Neanderthals, although competition alone cannot account for Neanderthal extinction.” The substantial isotopic database established competition between Neanderthals and modern humans in regards to diet and resources; however, it was inconclusive in the role competition played in the Neanderthal disappearance.
Anthropologist who theorize the Out-of-Africa model also suggest that the eruption of Campanian Ignimbrite leading to the extinction of the Neanderthal species. According to Black et al. (2015:411), “the eruption of the Campanian Ignimbrite at ca. 40 ka coincided with the final decline of Neanderthals in Europe.” The timeframe of the eruption and the vanishing of the Neanderthal has lead researchers to create a connection between the two events. In order to reach a conclusion, the researchers paired aerosol properties to a comprehensive earth system model under the condition of the last glacial

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