Necessity Of Mobile Phones Essay

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The necessity of cell phones

In today 's society, cell phones are becoming a necessity in everyday life for people all over the world. The advancing of cell phones has become a very significant part of our lives. However, there is quite a battle raging between the use of cellphones. Indeed many people believe that cell phones are a hazard and should be banned while, others think cell phones are still valuable in contempt of the disadvantages. There are many drawbacks to owning this device. However, it is clear that cellphones is worthwhile in spite of the drawbacks. First of all, many people believe that cell phones come with multiple disadvantages like distractions, increased level
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First, cell phones are beneficial in emergencies. For example, if someone gets stuck in the middle of the road, with their car , then they have a chance to call for help. Similarly, if someone gets stuck and can not figure out their way out, then cell phones can be of help. Afterall, travelling with cell phones is important in case of accidents because there 's someone to contact and ask help for. Next, cell phones can also be helpful for parents since they can call and talk to their child at anytime and making sure if they are safe wherever their children are. As a result, cell Phones guides people through emergencies and helps to remain safe and find shelter during urgent …show more content…
For example, some parents live far away from their kids and the only way they can actually see each other is through the video calling application or just by interacting with them through cell phones. Life would be inflexible without cell phones for people since they will not be able to stay connected. Goodman points out that cellphones keeps people updated on what 's happening around them when she says, “Today it is possible to begin work on a cellular phone at breakfast, continue through by a “ personal communications network” and end with a bedtime chat. In twenty- four-hour contact, we haven’t missed a thing.”(110) This leads one to see how essential a cell phone can be of getting and receiving constant news from family and

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