Nebosh National General Certificate 3 Practical Application Essay

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CERTIFICATE Candidate report template
(2009 specification)


Student number Location: A Private Security Company Operating Base Date of review:

Introduction including overview of area inspected and activities taking place

The following is a report on the health and safety inspection conducted at A Private Security Company Operating Base (PSCOB)

The PSCOB is located on a shared site in a remote location primarily administered by UK Government authorities that is positioned on a diplomatic site. Due to this, the PSCOB and all visitors and staff and contractors working within are subject to the Health
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Fire Precautions and Prevention

Fire safety records are up to date. Fire points and equipment are very well maintained. There are some areas where provision and redistribution of FFE would further reduce fire hazards. There is a lack of detailed consideration of ‘classes’ of fire hazard and suitable FFE for classes (3, 22, 23, 25). More stringent supervision is required to reduce fire hazards in particular areas and eliminate potential sources of ignition (16 & 25).

An adequate electrical register and inspection record is maintained. Some items of electrical equipment are not listed. More information and instruction is required to emphasise the importance of updating the electrical register (9, 20, 27).

Provision and Use of Equipment

Fault reporting and inspection and maintenance records for some equipment are not being kept up to date or are not in use (2, 13, & 15). This extends to hand-tool kits where there is a quantity checking policy but no fault reporting or exchange procedure 15. On the same subject of documentation but under separate legislation, items of mechanical lifting aids also require inspection, examination and test certification and documentation (14).

There is an inadequate understanding of the hazards and risks associated with workstations and DSE at management and supervisory level (8 &

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