NCP Car Park Solutions

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NCP Car Park Solutions:-
NCP being the number one car park operator in UK they are committed towards giving what’s the best to their clients. Functioning for more than 75 years they have been the best in delivering the off-street parking. NCP has built some of the finest car parks in England, thus having the largest car park management network across the country.
NCP Parking Solutions:-
Being UK’s pioneer in parking NCP provides various parking solutions to its customers. They offer different solutions to make the parking easy and cheaper. Some of them are given below.
 Pre-book parking
 NCP Gateway Card
 Season Tickets
 Payment through mobile phones
Pre-book Parking:-
Pre-book Parking enables the clients to get access to park their vehicles at over 21 airports
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 Purchasing underground car park tickets are made easier as all that must be done is search for the preferred car park through the website and then select “buy a season ticket” on the preferred one and make the payments.

Payments through mobile phones:-
Having this idea implemented for NCP’s system has totally changed the style of people waiting in queue’s to buy tickets. This system has totally demolished the days where people displaying the tickets in their vehicles and searching for coins and changes to make payments.

Parkme Application:-
Parkme is an award winning mobile parking applications that are being used in the US. They generally help us find and reserve the cheapest and the closest parking around. It enables the user to register with a vehicle number that is generally being used to park and in case if the user is driving a different car than the one which was registered he can quickly change the vehicles’ number and activate the parking session. This application is connected to the nearby car parks which are available and it provides easy and clear

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