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The primary objective of a teaching assistant is to support the school by carrying out a variety of tasks in order to create and maintain a safe, positive learning environment thus allowing teachers more time to focus on teaching. It is therefore paramount to remain flexible at all times. The purpose of this essay is to summarise the major learning points from the Teaching Assistant Diploma Course. I will address the nine subject areas separately.

Supporting the teacher - Teachers are incredibly busy and the teaching assistant is a valued asset to ensure that under the guidance and supervision of the teacher the classroom is organised and maintained.

The ways in which this can be done is by preparing and maintaining the learning
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As the additional adult in the classroom it may be that as well as encouraging health and hygiene through ensuring hands are washed, the classroom is clean and there is access to first aid kits, that the teaching assistant may be called upon to protect the health and welfare of pupils. Schools will have policies in place in accordance with health and safety regulations and a qualified person should if possible administer first aid.

A teaching assistant should be aware and be able to recognise the four main forms of abuse: physical, (cuts, fractures, burns, scalds, bite marks, bruises;) emotional, (aggression, lethargy, wetting/ soiling, poor self-esteem, being withdrawn:) sexual (stained underclothes, genital soreness/ injury, promiscuous behaviour, mood swings;) and neglect (low weight, hunger, dirty, smelly, inappropriate dress for season.) The school will have a policy and nominated staff member who will be trained to deal with such situations. In the event of a child making a disclosure, one should remain calm, offering the child comfort and reassurance. The allegation should always be taken seriously and the child listened to and assured they are not to blame and that they will now get help. The exact disclosure should be passed on to the nominated person with no changes in what was said. Any suspicions or concerns no matter how insignificant must always be passed on to the nominated person.

Supporting the curriculum –

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