Ncfe Level 2 Customer Services Essay

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Unit 1 Assessment

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Ping Europe Golf – Commercial Organisation.

A Sport company specialising in custom
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As well as all well |
| | |known brands they sell as well. Morrison’s use the line market |
| | |street for the services they provide in store these include |
| | |Butcher, Fishmonger, Bakery, Cake Shop, Greengrocer, Deli, Oven |
| | |Fresh, Fresh to go, Flower shop and Cafe. Also there is a pick of |
| | |the week section which has all there offers in one place or |
| | |customers to see. Some Morrison’s store may have extra services |
| | |such as a Pharmacy, Dry Cleaning, Photo Printing, Petrol stations |
| | |and car parking. Morrison’s pride themselves in recycling and have |
| | |recycling bays available in their car parks. They offer lots of |
| | |services for customers with additional needs such as

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