Ncaa Case Study Essay

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February 25, 2016
PAULA OLAZABAL DEL CANTO id: 130024 February 25, 2016

The following Case Study is about the National Collegiate Athletic Association unethical act in the sport college league. How this league creates big amounts of money which is invest in all short of projects rather than take care of the student-athletes. The study case highlight the two main principles issue that the National Collegiate Athletic Association faces; the money how the student are not getting paid and the academic versus sport.
The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a member-led organization
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So because it is legit what they are doing and they do not hide at all, then it turns into an ethical problem to resolve. Even though the agreement the athletes sign up are completely and clearly lay out, it is too concise and it imposes a huge amount of control over the players. For example, when students sign up the contract they are saying they are amateurs and they reject any form of economic compensation. The players must follow up a Division Manual 1, which the rules that are impose on the students are unethical. Because they are not allow to receive any economic compensation outside of their scholarship or their parents supports, many of them struggle during the month and barely eat. If the students-athletes do not eat properly, they will not be able to play at their maximum capacity. When it comes about the NCAA’s social responsibility they maximize their profits, but they do not maximize the positive impact among all the stakeholders. If so, the students would be pay since they are the most relevant stakeholders. The stakeholder model of corporate governance, based on the limited resources the organization has must determine which of their stakeholders are primary. The issue in NCAA is the primary stakeholders, who are the executives and their profits instead of the athletes. Since the primary stakeholders is incorrect the all NCAA structure is develop on the wrong basis. By acting not in an ethical way, the NCAA’s reputation is

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