Nca Exploiting The Oppressed Essay

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NCAA: Exploiting the Oppressed
The National Collegiate Athletic Association has nearly failed the student athletes in their care due to their own self-seeking motives. Botched regulations, lack of accountability, and blatant manipulation tactics within the NCAA support this argument.
To be considered an intercollegiate student athlete, one must engage on a sports team while also progressing and maintaining within college level academia. In the article “The NCAA and the Athletes It Fails” the author explains “And though the NCAA wisely mandates that student athletes put in no more than 20 hours per week on sports so they have time to study, its own recent survey shows that student athletes in big-time sports put in nearly 45 hours per week” (Palaima). This leaves little time for students to focus on their academic studies. The NCAA has obviously failed to foster a system for these young athletes to grow academically. A disconcerting amount of student athletes are recruited with less than desirable grades and not held to the same academic standards as students not engaged in athletics. Because student athletes hone a skill deemed worthy and profitable by academic institutions they are permitted scholastic leniencies that non-athletic students are not.
The NCAA’s actions show a lack of emphasis and value placed on the education of student athletes. There is a clear manipulation of power and influence; athletes behind in academia are permitted to participate in college…

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