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The Forthcoming of the IBA

National Basketball Association
Expansion Overseas

Prepared for

David Stern, NBA Commissioner
Adam Silver, COO and Deputy Commissioner
Heidi J. Ueberroth, President,
Global Marketing Partnerships and International Business Operations
NBA Headquarters
Olympic Tower, 645 5th Ave.
New York, NY 10022
United States

Prepared by

James Blankenship
SVP Team Marketing and Business Operations
NBA Development and Expansion Team
National Basketball Association

December 4, 2008

TO: NBA Commissioner, David Stern and League Advisors

FROM: NBA Development and Expansion Team

DATE: December 4, 2008

SUBJECT: National Basketball Association Expansion Overseas
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The Forthcoming of the IBA
National Basketball Association
Expansion Overseas

Executive Summary

To remain the front-runner for professional basketball on a worldwide scale, the National Basketball Association should expand overseas and become the International Basketball Association. The popularity of not only American professional basketball, but international professional basketball is increasing exponentially throughout the world. With a new world economy in the sport, it is important that the NBA make all necessary efforts to gain a competitive advantage.

Our research leads us to believe that expanding the NBA overseas and calling it the IBA is likely to be a profitable decision, and for many reasons. For example, the marketability of candidate cities suggests that NBA franchises could undoubtedly survive in those regions. Likewise, the cost of the implementation would be manageable, and the revenues that would transpire would provide a profitable return. In addition, such concerns as traveling, scheduling, and game facilities are thoroughly addressed and solved with a well thought out expansion plan. The popularity of basketball is no doubt evident in many countries throughout the world; the emergence of European professional basketball has forced the NBA to be progressive in an effort to remain atop professional basketball organizations. The implementation of NBA franchises in international markets is both a

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