Nazi Symbolism

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Before Nazi Germany
In the early 1900’s, almost thirty years after the first world war, Germany was experiencing one of the deepest depressions in it’s history. The people were desperate for change, and were willing to overthrow its government to get it. In 1921, a rebellion was attempted by the Nazi party 's chairman, Adolf Hitler. After a failed rebellion and nine months in jail, Hitler looked to gain power in a different way. The Nazi party would achieve political power in Germany by promoting German supremacy through propaganda and symbols. These symbols embodied Hitler’s AMBITIONS put power words in caps to fix the economy and start a Third Reich, the third German Empire. The symbols of the Nazi regime were used throughout Europe as German
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The meaning of the Swastika was changed forever by the time the Nazis gained control of Germany (“History of the Swastika”). The original symbol meant “good fortune” (“History of the Swastika”); it would now stand for racial purity and German pride. These symbol also gained the support of other German speaking countries in the late 1900’s, and spread fear into the hearts of countless others in and around Germany. The “German greeting” militarized and stamped society as members of the Navzi Party and placed all moral responsibility into Hitler’s hands (Evans). This also created fear in the hearts of other countries around Germany. The Schutzstaffel, or more commonly known as the “SS”, was a feared private military that was hated around the world because their brutal tactics in combat and their involvement in the death camps. The SS were marked with two identical lighting bolts with flattened ends. “Often the intended use and meaning of the SS bolts in this context is quite ambiguous and difficult to determine,” ("SS Bolts."). All of these powerful, uniting symbols made the world fear that the German people, under the rule of Adolf Hitler, were preparing for war. Ultimately Germany did unite behind this fearsome propaganda and waged a war of Blitzcrieg and genocide that would mark today 's history like a

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