Essay about Nazi Propaganda And The Nazi Party

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I have always wondered why the german people were so willing to join the Nazi party. They were killing off the Jewish population and taking over countries. Was this really that appealing to the german people? Then I learned a small part of the game the Nazi party was using in order to convince the german people. The german leaders used propaganda, terror, and the german people’s suffering to convince them to join the Nazi party.
In order for the german Nazi leaders to convince the german people that they were a worthy government; they used a lot of propaganda. A german man by the name of Joseph Goebbels headed the Nazi party 's propaganda apparatus. One of these was The Nazi Party Reich Press Office. This was used to instruct the press on what they should write about in newspapers (Deceiving the Public 2-4). One thing they accomplished from this is that they were able to present the invasion of Poland in 1939 as a morally justifiable, defensive action. The press played up “ Polish atrocities” such as physical violence directed against ethnic Germans residing in Poland (Deceiving the Public 2-4). Another major factor that Nazi leaders were able to keep from the german people was the “Final Solution”. They did this by hiding specific details. Press controls also prevented Germans from reading statements by Allied and Soviet leaders condemning German crimes such as the “Final Solution”(Deceiving the Public 2-4). Nazi leaders had the press write stories that covered up what was…

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