Essay on Nazi Medical Experimentation During World War II

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Nazi medical Experimentation
During World War 2 the Nazi Party conducted experiments on prisoners from all over the continte of Europe. The main supply of these prisoners came from their own camps(called Concentration camps) which was constantly receiving Jewish, black, and gays from Germany and the places they concoured. At the time of these experimentations there were no laws in place protecting human experimentation and the rules restricting what could be done. Due to this the experiments conducted on the prisoners were absolutely horrendous and no thought of the prisoners health and safety was thought of since the prisoners would be killed after the experimentation anyway however very few ever made it past the experiments. While the experiments being twisted and obscene the data and knowledge gained from them was not, a huge amount of research from this incident is still being used today and is extremely helpful to modern medicine and research.
The reason many of the experiments were conducted was to 1"Improve the German people and make them the perfect race, Therefore allowing the German people to become the master race of people on Earth". This idea is what most of the German doctors strived for while conducting these experiments as the experiments were 1"extemely cruel and pushed the patients body 's and minds to their breaking points over and over again." The subjects of these experiments were thought of as lesser beings which is also why the experiments were so…

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