Nazi Holocaust And The Holocaust Essay example

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The Nazi Holocaust was the systematic slaughter and massacre of the Jewish, homosexual, Polish, disabled, gypsy, and otherwise considered monetary population of Nazi occupied Europe. It 's death toll counts up between 6 to 11 million (6 million being the Jewish deaths, and the other 5 million being the deaths of other miscellaneous minorities living in occupied Europe). The Holocaust was brought on by the hate and prejudice inspired by Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, the chancellor and president of Germany from August 2, 1934 until April 30, 1945. The Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City’s Battery Park has several exhibitions and objects representing the significance of the Nazi Holocaust on the Jewish population. About 1.5 million casualties during the Holocaust were Jewish children. Several toys of the deceased children, amongst other trinkets, were on display at the museum. These toys were remains of dolls, books, and other various objects. This group of objects is significant because it demonstrates the cruelty and inhumanity of the Nazis. Children under the age of 13 were generally killed in killing centers, or if they were living in the ghettos, starved. Jewish children weren 't the only casualties. Amongst Jews were also Romani children, mentally or physically invalid German children, and other monitory children living under Nazi occupation in Poland and the Soviet Union. Furthermore, targeted children living in ghettos were starved, killed by…

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