Essay on Nazi Germany 's Influence On The Roman Empire

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Nazi Germany was Adolf Hitler 's unsuccessful attempt to emulate the Roman Empire. While he did successfully recreate many aspects of the Roman Empire (most of which led to his ultimate failure), Hitler failed to recreate aspects that could have created a successful regime. The Nazis’ (and Hitler’s) image of the Roman Empire was nearly entirely incorrect. As a result, their recreation was a weak, distorted version of what could have been a long lasting empire.
Adolf Hitler’s ill-fated quest began with the Beer Hall Putsch in November 1923. Hitler (and Nazi followers) attempted to take over the government of Bavaria by kidnapping the leaders of the Bavarian government and making them accept the Nazi Party as the new government; he thought he could win the support of the German Army with the help of General Erich von Ludendorff (World History: The Modern Era). Upon being taken captive, the Bavarian leaders would not agree to Hitler’s terms until Ludendorff arrived. Once Hitler and his followers had left the hall, their previous captives went quickly to release an extremely anti-Hitler statement. Adolf Hitler was soon arrested in Munich and sent to jail. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the last people would hear of Adolf Hitler.
Hitler turned to the Roman Empire for much inspiration. The plans for Berlin as an imperial capital were based heavily on the layout of Rome. “Their severe, reactionary, almost Brutalist, appropriation of neo-Classicism was in spirit very…

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