Essay on Nazi Germany And The Soviet Union

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Hitler with Nazy Germany, aimed to essentially rule the world with the Aryan race as its head. Germany’s conflict with the Soviet Union was especially a significant one, and this operation was to mark the beginning of Nazi Germany’s offensive toward the USSR. Although the objective of the operation was to take of the eastern front swiftly in order to focus their personnel on the British, there is something more significant to the matter. There is a lot of history and conflict between the Germans, and Soviet Union, therefore Hitler did not trust Stalin to maintain his actions in the best interest of Nazi Germany. Furthermore taking over Soviet land would mean Hitler would acquire an economic stronghold to assist him in his future missions, and plans. Also, his actions reflected how Hitler controlled his military, what his foreign policies were and how he conducted war, and one could extrapolate from this that he used his military, foreign policies and war as a tool to achieve his overall goal. This goal was have to have Nazi Germany become a super power within Europe, and essentially redeem themselves for the shame they faced post World War I due to the Treaty of Versailles amongst other things, and Operation Barbarossa is another way reaching his aspirations.Therefore in December of 1940, Hitler issued the directive of Operation Barbarossa to his army. It consisted of directions for different departments within the army, which were to be carried out by May of 1941.

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