Essay on Nazi Germany And The Nazi Party

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Before Nazi Germany
In the early 1900’s, almost thirty years after the first world war, Germany was experiencing one of the deepest depressions in it’s history. The people were desperate for change, and were willing to overthrow its government to get it. In 1921, a rebellion was attempted by the Nazi party 's chairman, Adolf Hitler. After a failed rebellion and nine months in jail, Hitler looked to gain power in a different way. The Nazi party would achieve political power in Germany by promoting German supremacy through propaganda and symbols. These symbols embodied Hitler’s AMBITIONS put power words in caps to fix the economy and start a Third Reich, the third German Empire. The symbols of the Nazi regime were used throughout Europe as German propaganda and a sign of German supremacy. They also became forever symbolic for the victims of the Holocaust.They still inflict awe and fear in people, even today. These symbols, from the Swastika to Hitler’s salute, were arguably very effective in not just raising the moral of the German people, but in striking fear into the enemies of the regime.

Effectiveness in Germany
The Nazi Regime or Hitler 's Third Reich had many symbols that affected the everyday life in Germany differently. One of the most influential symbols of this regime was the Swastika, “motif,“ or hooked cross. “As a symbol, it became associated with the idea of a racially “pure” state,” (“History of the Swastika”). The Swastika helped unite the German people…

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