Nazi Germany And Mussolini 's Italy During World War II Essay example

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A True Corporatocracy
A true Corporatocracy happens when the corporate elite controls the power of the government. Fascism was popular in Nazi Germany and Mussolini’s Italy during World War II. It evolved in America in a way that made companies create close ties with government and blurred the line of government and the multinational corporation. Who uses campaign contributions and the division of political groups known as Democrats and Republicans to keep a division helping people believe one has a fair chance in the governance of the people who are exactly the same. There are fifty or so Multi national conglomerates but they control most of the world’s resources have protection by American laws. Ounce lobbyist are paid off as well as congressman and senators they help fund wars in 2nd and 3rd world countries and end up moving manufacturing into those regions to save money. The consumer in America believes these groups are American entities that are interested in the better meant of the people but find ways not to employ or pay taxes to the American government.
The personal experiences I have dealt with trying to get jobs where always hard because I never knew someone in a management position. they do not care to employ you. When I have applied to different companies I would get a cold letter back in the mail; On the companies letter head that said at the moment we are not hiring thanks for taking interest in our company. My mom used to say probably because you have an…

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