Nazi Germany : A German Tactic Essay

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On September 1, 1939 Nazi Germany is invading Poland by using a new German tactic called Blitzkrieg, Poland surrenders on October 6, 1939. Blitzkrieg is a German tactic created by Colonel Heinz Guderian, who studied the mobile warfare tactics from one British officer who was General J.F.C. Fuller ("The Concept of Blitzkrieg"). Fuller was the one who studied the Blitzkrieg tactic first, but the British didn’t really care about this tactic. Only German leaders like Heinz studied this tactic (Simkin, "Blitzkrieg"). The German military used the Blitzkrieg tactic by launching bombing raids upon the enemy, before they sent in their tanks and infantry to finish what was left of the enemy. Nazi Germany tested this tactic in the Spanish Civil War, they launch bombing raids on Spanish cities and killed a lot of Spanish citizens in these raids. But Germany saw that this new tactic worked in Spain ("The Concept of Blitzkrieg"). So they used the same tactic in their invasions of other nations. Poland was the first victim to fall to the German War Machine, the Polish armies weren’t ready and they were devastated from the heavy bombing. After the invasion of Poland, Germany used Blitzkrieg in the invasion of France and Russia. In the early years of World War II, Blitzkrieg was bringing swift victories against Germany’s enemies in Europe. But while the war went on, Blitzkrieg started to fail Nazi Germany’s military in Russia because of the size of the Soviet Union and the supply lines for…

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