Nazi Germany Case Study

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Case Study Question #1:What Conditions allow for fascist leaders to take control?

The economic depression in Germany at 1920 allowed the rise of fascist leaders because they blamed the Jewish minorities for causing the failure of Germany after World War I. After World War I the Allied Powers forced Germany to sign the Treaty of Versailles and one of their biggest consequences were to pay reparations for the damages of the war which caused Germany to be over 30 billion dollars in debt. From there Germany was left empty, starvation was an impact from the poverty of Germany. As production levels fell, German workers were laid off. Along with this, banks failed throughout Germany. Savings accounts, the result of years of hard work,Inflation
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The board game “Jews Out” objective was to grab as many as 6 Jews and to move them out of the city. The Jews are portrayed as these hideous monsters while the people look normal. This board game shows extreme anti semitism and extreme belief of racial superiority. This ideology leads to genocide because moving the Jews out is an example of “Preparation” of one the 8 steps leading to genocide. In the preparation stage the Jews are moved to Ghettos and this allows the Nazi soldiers to identify the Jews, leading to the final stage of genocide,death. In the classfication stage, Hitlers used propaganda to indoctrinate the poeple by making distiguish “them from us” and this allolwed for the spread of racial superiroty.By using anti-semitic board games shows dehumanization which is one of the eight steps leading to genocide. The idea of the board game in which moving the Jews out is the way you win shows preparation, one of the eight stages of genocide. Creating the Nuremberg law, restricting the human rights of the Jews shows polarization of the eight steps of genocide. All of Hitler’s fascist ideologies, shows the steps that lead to …show more content…
The Jewish minorities all across Europe were faced with many human right violation. The Nazi’s would treat the Jews as if they were animals. They locked the Jews in a famine, disease, and compacted area to distinguish them from the “Aryans”. The Jews were burned alive as if they were not human and were forced to do hard labor. The Nazi’s had taken their property and burned anything Jewish that showed some sort of intelligence because the Nazi soldiers were indoctrinated to believe that Jews were not intellectuals but instead savages. To dehumanize the Jews, the Nazi’s took the Jews citizenships giving the Jews very little value. The Jews suffered through the holocaust which means “death by fire” in which many cases the Jews went through. As well, almost over 6 million Jews died during the Nazi regime in which according to John Locke human life are born equal and free. The Nazi’s beleived that Jews were the inferior race and the Nazi’s heavily enforced anti-semitism and this led to the people wanting to eliminate who was not under the criteria of the “Aryan race”. Jews were forced to wear armbands to distinguish themselves from the German people and propaganda portrayed Jews as non-humans but instead as beasts.Instead, the Jews were not going to let themselves be taken advantage of, many Jews had their own way

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