Nazi And The Nazi War Essay

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When discussing the history of Germany, it’s impossible not to bring up the topic of the Nazi’s. Nazi is short for the National Socialist German Worker’s Party, which was a political party that started in the early 1930’s and ended in 1945. This party was ran by Adolf Hitler that believed the Aryan race was the perfect race, and took out anyone who disagreed with their views. They saw the Jewish people as their biggest threat and tried to eliminate all Jews. This is what led to the Holocaust and the murder of approximately 6 million people, which included Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, and many other groups that were a threat to the Nazi’s. After the war the Nazi party was brought to an end; however, the term Neo-Nazi began to get popular. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a Neo-Nazi is someone that “ believes the ideas and policies of Hitler’s Nazis and that sometimes commits violent crimes”. This makes sense considering the term “neo” actually means new, so Neo-Nazi is the same as “new Nazi.” They will also be known as “skinheads” because they normally all shave their head. Even though they are “new Nazis,” there are a few differences between Germany’s Nazis and America’s Neo-Nazis. Two of the biggest differences are that the Neo-Nazis have more of a racial ideology, while Nazi’s are more political, and that Nazi actions were actually legal under German law, while Neo-Nazis break the law when trying to get their point across. To begin with, the first…

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