After Nafta Case Study

BSCL 415-T102
Nancy, Sylvia, Flora and Tony
9.2 Group Assignment

After NAFTA takes effect, Mexican produce products such as tomatoes with lower price because their lower labor costs which threat to the United Stated producers. The United Stated tomatoes producers in Florida are worried about Mexican robbed their business because of their lower labor costs. Therefore, The United Stated producers asked for the government to set up a minimum floor price for tomatoes from Mexico. This can prevent Mexican producers to lowering their prices below the floor to gain share in the United States market (Hill & Hult, 2011, p283).

I think this is consistent with NAFTA principals. The purposes of NAFTA are to eliminate barriers to trade, create conditions for fair competition, increase investment opportunities and provide adequate
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Export of tomatoes, expand exports can be made free trade concessions, is conducive to the export of Mexican products and services. And the expansion of exports can increase production technology, so that Mexico 's tomato cultivation technology to follow up the trend of the times. Further, the export of tomatoes in Mexico is conducive to the further introduction of foreign capital and increase the employment rate. Because the United States each year requires a lot of production, which can promote the local economic development in Mexico, expanded production of tomato supply chain, providing a lot of post positions to the Mexican people. There is also an important point in Mexico, favorable to reduce trade discrimination, such as the United States before the local Mexican exports of tomato products to engage in discrimination, such as setting unreasonable anti-dumping regulations. If Mexico continues to export tomatoes, will greatly enhance the national image. Furthermore, the standard of living of the Mexican people has been

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