Navy Seals Essay

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Research Paper-Navy Seals-
By Sumid Nohrer

There are many career choices you can choose from in the armed forces. Like becoming a nuclear engineer, a pilot, or even going into a special ops program in a certain branch of the armed forces. Well there's one special force that is separated from the rest and that's the navy seals. In this research paper you will learn the good and bad aspects in joining the navy seals whether it's for the training, pay/benefits, or for your education. Foremost, the training for a navy seal go through about a year of training becoming a navy seal. "Which starts as the BUDS program, you must be 28 years old and must be in the Navy."(Becoming a seal) "The training is designed to push you past your limits,
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Seals have to learn how to parachute and work as a unit. But the physical part of the training lies with a lot of push-ups; sit ups, carrying heavy equipment, and a lot of running. The average Seal does a minimum of 250 push-ups and runs the minimum of 7 miles a day. (Hans Halberstadt) Whether or not your pushing your physical or mental limits in the Navy Seals Program they will find a way to break you. (Vasquez) Subsequent, becoming a Seal has its great pay and benefits. In addition to your enlisted pay you get special pays, like parachute pay, diving pay, demolition pay, sea / sub pay, special duty pay and even foreign language proficiency pay. So depending on what rank you are you have gotten additional pay but the benefits haven't even come into play. Navy provides you with living quarters, medical, dental, and will even pay for your food. Plus if you would like to go to college the navy will pay 100% including books to go to college of your choice but only on their time. For instance Vasquez wanted to go to college right after high school to get his education but he couldn't afford it so he joined the navy so he wouldn't have to pay a dime. But by the time he started school he had to be shipped off to Iraq so he only finished 8 essential classes at USF. He is still finishing his masters at USF to this day. On the other hand Richard McAllister finished his entire 4 years after joining the navy so it's highly possible to get your education

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