Naval Architect Research Paper

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Ever since I was a kid, I was fascinated with skyscrapers and the physics behind them and their height. After finishing the career cruising career search, I realized I can incorporate my love for building and architecture into the navy. After completing the career inventory test, two careers selected for me were architect and Naval Architect. The careers Architect and Naval Architect have many similarities in overall description, working conditions, and the skills needed to pursue each job. Yet, they have differences in outlook, salary, and education needed to have any chance at getting the job. Architects and Naval Architects have many similarities, but they are mainly in overall description, working conditions, and the skills needed to pursue the job. The first way they are similar I will explain is the jobs overall description. An Architect draws out buildings and gets their rough drafts approved. Once that is done, the find builders to bring the two dimensional drawing to life. As a Naval Architect, you draw out …show more content…
One way they are different is education. An Architect needs to have several years of algebra and geometry. You would need it years at a University and a Diploma. Naval Architects need to take several science and math courses. You need 6 years a University and a diploma. It is recommended you get training. The second difference is in salary. Being an Architect gets you 55-120 thousand dollars, depending on the state and buildings you have made in that year. A Naval Architect gets 75-150 thousand dollars depending on which branch of the navy you are in and the size of the ship. The final difference is job outlook. In the Architect business, Illinois is expecting 155 openings in the next decade, Naval Architects in Illinois have a specific number, but there will be openings in the future. Cleary, these jobs have their differences in salary, job outlook, and

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