Naval Academy Case Study

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I. The United States Naval Academy is located in the capital of Maryland. It is 30 miles east of Washington D.C. as well as 25 miles south of Baltimore. Tree-lined brick walls, scenic vistas of Chesapeake Bay and French Renaissance are all features of The Yard, USNA’s campus. When the Naval Academy was first built, it was 10 acres, but has now expanded to be about 338 acres. On the campus, the nearly 4,000 midshipmen are named the Brigade of Midshipmen. The Brigade of Midshipmen are split into two regiments, six battalions, and thirty companies. All of the student body receive full scholarships and a monthly allotment for supplies. They receive full scholarships because it is government funded and is an expenditure from the Department of …show more content…
First year summer training is also known as plebe summer.
1. Plebes receive military indoctrination.
2. Each Plebe receives matching uniforms and haircuts.
B. Plebe Summer was made less difficult to make it more professional.
1. Plebe Summer was made less difficult by reducing yelling, verbal abuse and random discipline.
V. Academic and athletic opportunities are plentiful at the Naval Academy.
A. Every Midshipmen is required to participate in some kind of sport.
1. There are intercollegiate and intramural sports.
a. Intramural sports are recreational sports organized by an institution.
b. Intercollegiate sports are sports played at the collegiate level.
B. The school year is divided into semesters.
1. Some students attend during the summer.
C. There are forty-three majors with fourteen different fields of study.
1. Some majors include Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, General Engineering and many more.
D. Many staff members help run and supervise the Naval Academy.
1. Superintendent usually has the rank of admiral and is also the senior military officer.
2. Staff at the Superintendents office manages personnel and budgeting.
3. Dean is the head of the registration and admission
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When Midshipmen graduate from the Naval Academy, they have many jobs to choose from to start their career. They can choose to be an ensign in the Navy, or a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps. If the graduate decides they want to be an ensign, they have nearly eight options to choose. Some of these options include Aviation or Navy SEALs. If the graduate chooses to go the other way, there are about thirteen jobs to choose from. A couple of these options consist of infantry or logistics. Once they graduate, they also receive a Bachelors Degree. At the Naval Academy, through intense summer training and academics, the United States Naval Academy provides the Navy and Marine Corps with the best candidates to

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