Nausea By Jean Paul Sartre Essay

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Jean-Paul Sartre’s novel Nausea tells the story about a French writer named Antoine Roquentin who starts to question his own existence, and be horrified at it. Thus, he feels nausea constantly. This nausea is not just a sickness. It is so strong that, it almost feels like a panic attack. The novel is written to be looked like Roquentin’s personal diary, and the readers read about his emotional experiences each day. Sometimes, the readers can almost feel Roquentin’s boredom and disgust, because Sartre spends so many details to describe his feelings. And he wants the readers to feel Roquentin’s feeling. Nausea is not only a novel, but also a book of philosophical endeavor. It introduces a philosophical idea called existentialism. For existentialist, personal emotions are worthy of philosophical analysis. The reason for the French writer’s nausea is because he realizes that there is no pre-defined meaning or pre-determined purpose for life. He is completely free and free of making his own choices for life, and take responsibility for his choices. Many people try to avoid freedom by hiding behind their social roles, and only act as those social roles require them to do. For Sartre, this is bad faith. Because existence precedes essences, so there is nothing can define an individual. Existentialism also rejects the idea of teleology. Postmodern philosopher Judith Butler, has adopted existentialist idea to an extent. She agrees that there is no essence or no human nature. However,…

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