Nature Vs. Nurture Task

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1970’s Olympic gymnasts

Social Psychology – Nature vs. Nurture Task

Q1. The nature nurture discussion

The nature nurture discussion is one of the oldest psychology issues and has been discussed between psychologists and famous philosophers such as Plato and Descartes for many years about wether your behaviour is more influenced by genetics or environmental influences. They argued about the idea that your personality is either the result of traits you inherited from your parents, or it been shaped by your life experiences. By the present day psychologists and philosophers have agreed that it is both a combination of nature and nurture but they now debate how much each contributed to how you turn out. Nature is what we think of as the genetic
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In psychology it is described as having a sturdy build or well-proportioned body structure. There are three types of body type, ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph. An ectomorph is a person with a lean and delicate build of body, endomorphs are people with a soft, round build of body and a high proportion of fat tissue and a mesomorph is a person whose build is compact and muscular. Nature and nurture both play a big role in your body type. Studies including those done on twins suggest that up to 80% of your weight and body shape is determined by your genes however your environment and personal health choices also play a big role in in body shape and size so even if both your parents have the same body shape then it doesn’t mean you will grow up to have the same body shape and size the reason for this is because some aspects of your shape and size are more closely related to genes than others. One example of a physical trait which is mostly inherited is you ability to develop muscle …show more content…
Their mass often keeps them from doing sports that require a lot of agility and speed and from doing sustained weight bearing activities like running. This means that endomorphs are more suited to sports of pure strength like weight lifting because they can gain weight easily and their bulk often helps them. Size is often useful in sports such as rugby provided they can learn to move their body with more power. Endomorphs also often have a larger lung capacity, which means they are suited to sports such as

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