Nature Vs Nurture : Nature Versus Nurture Essay

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Nature versus Nurture
Nature versus nurture is a controversial debate that has been ongoing for several years about whether behaviors are caused by inherited traits or are they influenced by the environment. When Genie the wild child was found, she represented a Tabula rasa “blank state” of learning due to the limited basic skills she had and inability to speak. Hence, psychologists examined the nature versus nurture argument through Genie. The early stages of growth are fundamentally crucial for children because they need human contact, affection, and interaction to fully develop a sense of self and be fully integrated into society. The absence of proper socialization during those critical periods caused Genie to develop differently than the rest.
Genie was a victim of severe abuse and neglect by her father, Clark Wiley, Genie was discovered at the age of 13 in her family’s home, she was strapped down to her potty chair and isolated in a dark bedroom for the first years of her life (McMahan, 2014). Genie walked in an inhuman way, she couldn’t speak, she was silent for the most part, indicating that she was physically punished for making noise. However, after receiving treatment from her doctors, she began to improve, her speech increased each year and soon began to dress on her own and use the toilet, but it was not sufficient for a girl her age. When the National Institute of Mental Health withdrew funding’s from the research, Genie moved back with her mother, but that…

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