Nature Vs. Nurture : Nature And Nurture Essay

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Nature vs. Nurture Many people have argued that homosexuality is either nature or nurture. Nature meaning that someone is born into it or nurture meaning that someone is raised up into it. Both have great evidence to support the argument, but there is no way that someone can be born gay. A study conducted in 1993 suggested that there was a possible gay gene. It also said that there was an alcoholism gene as well as a warrior gene. Genes cannot always control behavior, what genes can do, in some cases, is to create a tendency to develop or display certain traits or behavior. Being gay is not nature it is nurture. So if gays are made then the parenting, education and environment in which the individual grew up have a direct influence and impact on his/her sexuality.
Some parents may not no they are shaping their children to be gay but some are. Children that has an absence of a father figure tends to develop homosexual traits in a way to compensate for the lack of masculine affection they did not have while growing up. An overprotective mother is also what drives homosexual behavior. Likewise, certain psychologists argued that when individuals have painful or traumatic experiences with their mother figures, they may compare women with pain and avoid women in the future as a way of avoiding pain. This type of pain they refer to is the abandonment of the mother. Also many parents try to force their kids to be normal. What do all kids like to do? They like to rebel and do…

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