Nature Vs Nurture : Heredity, Environment And Influences On Nature Versus Nurture

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Nature versus Nurture: Heredity, Environment and Nonnormative Influences
Nature versus Nurture?
Typically, when discussing influences that shape how we go to be whom we have become, we generally talk about heredity versus the environmental forces that have surrounded us. Generally, we have been taught that what is inherit from our parents, grandparents and previous generations, shapes us in one way while our environment plus our experiences shape us in other ways. This polarizing way of viewing the phenomena of human growth and development can sometimes be helpful, if we want to keep things fairly simple. However, once we make the choice to more deeply explore the profound questions that surface when we attempt to thoroughly understand all of the complexities of our lives, it becomes helpful to approach these issues with a unifying understanding. It should not be nature versus nurture. A more comprehensive approach should include a blending of all of the influences of nature and nurture, for it is by validating both, simultaneously, that we can gain more objective perspectives on who we truly are.
Heredity and the Environment
The influences that originate, primarily and directly, from our parents are known as hereditary traits. The genetic transmission of heritable characteristics from parents to offspring defines the science of genetics (Papalia & Martorell, 2015). These characteristics define our physical appearance; from skin, hair and eye color to height and…

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