Nature Vs. Nurture : A Research Study Of Behavior And Mental Processes

1395 Words Dec 7th, 2016 6 Pages
Psychology is the study of behavior and mental processes; when studying psychology one area that seems to always be important and in the foreground is nature vs. nurture. The reason why I find the ideology of nature vs. nurture important is because it has been the foundation for this class since the first day of the semester. Throughout the year, I changed my opinions on which of the two were more important, as though I was pinning one against the other. It was for this reason, it seems appropriate to end the semester reflecting over how much are we actually influence not only by one or the other, but how both play a significant role in our daily lives. This should also not be the case for humans, but for other species. Understanding how the needs of both are valid, it is imperative to recognize that both are desirable to be fully functional and thrive. For that reason, I find it important that we look at nature and nurture as a way to help oneself in whatever endeavors seem fit. In this reflection I will focus on the impact of nature and nurture can be shown through looking at several different ideologies one focusing explicitly on nature, another vice versa with nurture, and one showing how both can play a role and work together to demonstrate how both are needed equally as I learned through the out. .
When discussing nature in terms of psychology it simply refers to the biological aspect of a person and how it affects a person’s behavior, culture, and personality.…

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