Nature Vs Nerture: Debate: Nature Vs. Nurture

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Nature vs Nurture

Nature vs nurture is a common debate that has surrounded us for many, many years. The controversy centers on the premise that our personality, behaviour, intelligence, and feelings are either genetically inherited, or environmentally earned. Without both factors playing a key role, we would all be the same and all have the same experiences in life. It’s the feelings, idea’s and human behaviour’s inbred or learned as a young child.

The nature vs nurture debate started in 1582 when the British educator Richard Mulcaster stated, “Nature makes the boy toward, and nurture sees him forward”. What Richard Mulcaster was trying to say was that nature vs nurture debate explores the contributions of our inheritance and environmental
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In the experiment, he compared the motor milestones between a set of twins, Jimmy and Johnny. The boys were put in the same environment, but Johnny was trained and Jimmy was not. Although they both achieved motor milestones at about the same age the quality of their movements differed. Johnny’s movements are smoother and more graceful compared to Jimmy's movements. Although, the early training made no difference and when the babies achieved their MA motor milestones it did, however, play a role in the quality of movement. This showed that nurture played a role in our …show more content…
Every day there are millions of unique foods out there but how do we choose which ones we want to consume? By nature, we will eat whatever foods are available to nurture ourselves with but because of our environment and the social norms that are prevalent in society we have more choice as to what to consume. Now instead of just what satisfies our taste buds and fills our stomachs, we now consider the nutritional facts and cultural values of what we eat and what we choose to consume have become based less on our innate need of food and more on the environmental factors. Such as culture and education on nutrition.

Our environment can change, but our genetic code is mostly constant and irreversible. Therefore, a person can change their life and behaviour by changing their environment. This constant debate of nature versus nurture is something scientists and psychologists have been constantly studying throughout the years. The concept of nature and nurture assume the two to be separate entities, void of each other where it's either one or the other. Although certain variances in development may be explained by one or the other. There's no doubt that both play an important role in development according to Gilbert Gottlieb's book on Synthesizing Nature and Nurture.

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