Nature Vs. Nature : Nature And Debate Essay

1210 Words Jan 28th, 2016 null Page
One of the most talkative, debated and augured topics among numerous psychologists and philosophers and in classrooms is the very known nature verses nurture debate. Or heredity verses environment in simpler terms. The nature verses nurture debate is whether if the way you act is based on genetic qualities, heredity, or if the environment you were born into had an effect on your upbringing and personality. Some debate that it’s nature, born good, and other debate nurture, made evil. Aristotle, Rousseau and Darwin, and I all have different opinions on the nature verses nurture debate. The nature verses nurture debate also can connect to believing in other types of developmental issues. Such as continuous verses discontinuous, universality verses particularity, and deterministic (active) verses self – determining (passive). Deterministic means that the person has no say in development and self – determining is that we are in charge of own destiny, this is important to understanding the views of the philosophers.
Some can go hand in hand, for example nature verses nurture is universal and we know this because it is based on everyone, everyone is different. In my paper I will, to my best ability, will try to point out Aristotle, Rousseau, and Darwin’s viewpoints on the nature verses nurture debate. All three are different viewpoints and the power of nurture on a single person. Nor do they think and discuss different points about nature they all tie in some certain way.

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