Nature of Conflict Essay

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The Nature of Conflict

Conflict: Varied Perspectives; Belief Systems and Values; Interests
There is, perhaps, nothing more common than conflict. As a mediator, conflict may constructively be viewed as resulting from:
• varied perspectives on the situation;
• differing belief systems and values resulting from participant's accumulated life experience and conditioning; and
• differing objectives and interests.
Effectively dealing with conflict requires the expression and management of participants' varying perspectives, interests, belief systems and values. It is important to meet the participants exactly where they are. Hear from them fully before tying to lead them anywhere. You can not effectively move toward resolution until
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Conflict may be viewed as a process we put ourselves through to achieve a new condition and self definition.
Through conflict we have opportunities to be creatively self-defining. If nothing else, conflict allows us to do things differently in the future. Through the resolution of conflict, we can, if we choose, evolve and redefine ourselves, our relationships, our community, our society and our world.
It is no accident that we most often find ourselves in conflict with those with whom we spend the most time -- family, friends, business associates, and fellow organizational members. There is a great benefit, in terms of the quality of our lives, in being able to constructively resolve conflict with those around us.
Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Conflict
Conflict should also be recognized as existing at two levels:
• the interpersonal level; and
• the intrapersonal level.
In addition to the typically obvious interpersonal dispute, there almost always exists some measure of intra-personal conflict within each disputing party as that party seeks to assert varied, sometimes contradictory, interests. This inner conflict may be evidenced by confusion, inconsistency or lack of congruity. In this condition, the participant has failed to effectively integrate their various "parts" or "voices" to achieve an effective and comfortable representation of

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