Nature Of Abortion

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What is abortion? It is the expulsion or “termination” of a human fetus, weather it be natural through a miscarriage or artificially induced, via chemicals or surgery. In 2005 about 1.21 million abortions occurred. That is approximately 3,315 abortions every day. Many people speculate that the fetus is not considered a person until it is born. Studies show that about 18 days after conception the fetus already has a heart beat, and at 8 weeks you can hear it. Some feminists and other people (mainly women) believe that making abortion illegal is taking away a women 's rights to her own body. What about the rights of the child? Many women complain and state, “Well what if the child is going to have birth defects?”, simple, you love the child unconditionally like you would if your child was born without them. “Oh it can 't feel anything anyways, its not even big enough.”, fact, when an abortion occurs the baby can feel the pain of them killing him/her. Most abortions happen within the first 9-12 weeks of pregnancy and at that time the baby is already 2.13 inches long, or about two quarters put side by side. The methods used to abort the child are gruesome and harmful to the mother. The …show more content…
It takes a life that has not had a chance to take flight, and sometimes, it takes the life that had made the decision to said, “Yes, do it.” This cruel act should not be legal, that is equivalent to saying ‘let 's make murder legal. When a woman says she is going to have an abortion, in the end it is ultimately her decision to agree to the abortion. When she says that she agrees to the abortion, she agrees murder her unborn child. There is always adoption as a second option instead of abortion. There are plenty of people wanting children that can 't have any and would be more than willing to adopt a newborn child. Give the child a chance at life instead of killing them in cold blood. How many more children have to die for this to

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