Nature And Nurture Arguments

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Abstract The purpose of this paper is to explore the different evidence for both “nature” and “nurture” arguments. While science will prove, through patterned instinctual behavior, that behavior is passed down genetically; psychological approaches will argue that behavior is learned throughout one’s lifetime.

The debate between nature and nurture has been going on for decades now. There are many different approaches to this problem; biology, psychology, philosophy and other studies will provide different theories and sets of evidence showing that behavior is either directly influenced by environmental conditions, or entirely inherited through genetic traits. These arguments both have compelling evidence, proving that both
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The environment people grow up in molds them into certain people who speak a certain way and act a certain way, which was otherwise not known at birth. Babies are born with the inability to care for themselves or even speak. However, over time, children learn how to express themselves vocally, and eventually become fully functioning adults who can care for themselves. The environment influences behaviors the child was raised in; children who were raised in households were swearing was not allowed probably do not swear, for example. Some psychological studies surrounding this claim children are born as “blank slates”, and fill up these slates with knowledge and experiences gradually throughout their lifetime. (McLeod, S. 2015) People are what they experience and what they learn; behaviors are thus a reflection of the environment they grew up in or the household they were raised in. The nature versus nurture controversy has been largely debated and will continue to be for decades to come. The more science is able to reveal, the more evidence there will be to prove the genetic link between behavior and genetics. Similarly, evolving psychology will provide newer studies to prove that behavior is a learned trait rather than a genetic one. These arguments both have compelling evidence, proving that both nature and nurture affect

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